The 3 Sentence Challenge

the 3 sentence challenge


A while ago, the lovely Karen challenged Gabbie, Fiona and Yanicke to a fun challenge – post 3 sentences from the first 3 chapters of a work in progress. In this week’s post we are answering the challenge…


The MS I will be selecting sentences from is my historical paranormal YA novel, The Mark of the Cagairáin.

Ch 1: The lilt of fiddle music drifted on the night air, coiling around the tree trunks and tangling in their leaves. Aiden drew one hand through his hair, and with the fingers of his other, fiddled with the dirk on his belt. Mmm, those hands… I still couldn’t get over those hands.

Ch 2: I set my hands on my hips and hazarded a glance Breanna’s way. She was ogling me with the same look one would usually reserve for an insolent child who, against all evidence to the contrary, adamantly insists faeries are responsible for breaking the lamp. “Just because I want to do something, doesn’t mean I should do it.”

Ch 3: For a moment I couldn’t breathe; it was like she had punched me in the stomach and all the air had been forced from my lungs. I swallowed and glanced up at the sky; a flock of birds was spiraling high above us, a tornado of shiny black bodies and flapping wings. As though sensing my eyes on them, they broke their circle, shooting westward across the sky in pursuit of the sun on her ascent.

3 candles



The sentences I’m sharing are from my NA contemporary romance, Life Without Clouds.

Ch 1 I drew seven lines through the sentence I had written, closed my eyes and imagined I was Winston Churchill. What would Winston do? Okay, Churchill was unlikely to have found himself in a red skirt, selling movie tickets and discretely working on a school assignment, but he was good at dealing with plans that go awry.

 Ch 2 “I can’t believe you triggered the alarm. Again!” Vivienne chuckled as she twisted her shoulder length blond hair into a messy bun.

Ch 3 It was just before midnight when we checked our jackets in at the cloak room at our favourite club, Deluxe. It was on the second floor of an old hotel called The Imperial and one of the few venues playing a great mix of alternative pop and indie dance music. The layout was pretty standard: dark corners you could people-watch from, a dance floor swirling in fake smoke under a sea of disco balls and flashing coloured lights, and big comfy couches along the walls that were extremely hard to sit in elegantly whilst wearing a short skirt.

3 butterflies



From my YA fiction called Downhill

Chapter 1

I could see Pop heading out from the shed. He was almost bald with this grey stringy hair circling around the bottom of his scalp like an old halo that’d fallen down. He was wearing his trademark King Gee overalls with a long sleeve check shirt underneath.

Chapter 2

This was the year that was going to be different. In the next few weeks I could have a crack at water skiing and for the first time ever I could get a suntan that wasn’t just panda eyes and red cheeks. I tried to feel excited about it, but all I could do was remember the knot of adrenaline that would curl up in my guts around this time of year – the anticipation of travel, competing, big snow and jagged mountains.

Chapter 3


The ball landed, dusting up a patch of dirt and rolling to rest against the fence. I was puffing as I ran to get it, but the endorphins wouldn’t come.

3 roses


So, there you have it – The Print Posse’s answers to the 3 sentence challenge.

We now pass the challenge on to you, our esteemed readers, to post something from your latest WIP in the comments below… WE DARE YA!

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