Quitting Is For Quitters

Here at The Print Posse when the going gets tough – we turn to the Internet!  Today we’re sharing with you our favourite sites for inspiration, motivation and perspiration.  These are the links we click on when we’re on the edge and ready to quit.  There are some complete gemstones in amongst this lot – so get ready to start bookmarking.


We’re also sharing our favourite quotes and sayings that keep us at the page.  We would love *love* LOVE to hear your motivational sayings and go-to websites as well so please make sure you share them in the comments box.

Lots to enjoy this week…

Fi Recommends:


To leap, or not to leap...

Don’t let it overwhelm you.

How to Not Give Up On Writing a Book by Natasha Lester

On Writing and Giving Up by Ava Jae at Writability

How to Handle Rejection: Don’t Give Up! by Shari Stauch

Rejection: 3 Methods for Coping by Gotham Writers

Coping with Rejection by Literary Rejections


“The secret of becoming a writer is to write, write and keep on writing.”

Ken MacLeod


“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

Richard Bach


“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

J.K. Rowling



“Success is not final…

Failure is not fatal…

it’s the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

Gabbie Goes To:



Fail Safe: Debbie Millman’s Advice on Courage and the Creative Life

Finishing Your Novel: Are We There Yet? by Sarah Price

How To Be Prolific:Guidelines For Getting It Done From Joss Whedon

A Mind of One’s Own created by Alison Manning

John Cleese on Creativity

Get It Done!

I love my sticky notes as much as I love my self-helps. This is above my desk. Pretty self-explanatory.

If not now, when?

The Harder The Struggle The More Glorious The Triumph


Yanicke Likes:


…reminding herself that even successful writers started their careers with rejection and reading about their inspirational journeys to publication…

Rick Riordan's first rejection letter

Rick Riordan’s first rejection letter

… referring to sage advice on publishing and not giving up by those very same writers:

Never give up

there is no other choice…

… indulging in some feel-good reading and watching…

  • Yanicke’s favourite book on writing that always motivates her to write hard and never give up is Stephen King’s On Writing (Quotes from Stephen King’s On Writing).
  • Yanicke’s favourite movie about writers that always puts a smile on her face and reignites her passion for being a writer is The Wonder Boys.
The Wonder Boys

My favourite movie of all time 🙂

… remembering Maggie Stiefvater’s wise words on achieving success as a writer:

Here’s the thing about being a writer, or a musician, or an artist, or any sort of creative person. The ones who make it are the ones who make themselves do it. They’re the ones who practice even when it seems like they aren’t getting any better. They’re the ones who open up their work-in-progress when their friends are going out hey-are-you-coming-with-us — even if they know that this novel is not the one that will be good enough to get published, because they know that practice is the only way to get to the one that will be good enough to be published. They’re the ones who send out query letters and hear no and they send out more query letters and they hear no again and they send out query letters and they hear no again. They’re the ones that hear no as not yet and nothing is ever a failure, it’s only a complicating plot point in the arc of their life. They’re the ones who realize that there’s no point tricking your way into publication, because the point is to write something other people fall in love with; that’s what being a successful storyteller is. They’re the ones who are hungry for it. No, they’re the ones who are starving for it.

They’re a little unhinged.

Everyone else is everyone else.

and don't you forget it...

and don’t you forget it…

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