Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas...

All I want for Christmas…

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all the beautiful treasures you gave us last Christmas.  It seems like only a minute ago we were unwrapping our gifts and eating too much pudding… and yet here we are again!

We have been good girls all year.  We haven’t been pouting or crying or shouting.  We have been extra nice and we have tried really really really hard to honour our creativity and imaginations.

Please find attached our Christmas wish lists for 2015.  We understand that you cannot provide us with everything on the list – that’s why we’ve gone ahead and given you plenty of ideas.

Gabbie would like:

  • A wonderful publisher for her YA fiction Downhill
  • Plenty of time to devote to writing and staring into space
  • A limited edition signed Freya Blackwood picture to hang in her writing room
  • Any YA fiction or Australian Fiction from her fave local bookstore Candelo Books
  • Opportunities
  • Courage
  • Discipline

Santa Gabbie


Fiona would like:

  • Some beautiful pens that glide across the page and make her feel like a writer simply because she is holding them.
  • Novels to read, in particular Kate Morton’s The Lake House.
  • Time to write, revise and re-submit.
  • The patience to wait until her manuscript is ready before submitting it to competitions, agents or publishers.
  • More knowledge about writing.
  • A writing retreat with The Print Posse.
funny.pho.to_red_santa_hat (2)

Santa Fiona


Yanicke would like:

  • Her very own literary agent who will love her work and share her dreams.
  • Books 1, 2 and 3 in Maggie’s Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle series. She’s been holding off on devouring these books until the release of book 4 was on the horizon. The thought of finishing book 3 and not being able to read book 4 straightaway was horrifying!
  • A writing retreat in her new home she can escape to whenever the urge to write strikes.
  • Energy, so she can work those long days and still manage to stay awake long enough at night to write a paragraph or two before bed.
  • The opportunity to meet her Print Posse pals in person… FINALLY!
  • Oh, and a ticket to Kate Forsyth’s HISTORY, MYSTERY & MAGIC tour to Oxford & the Cotswolds in June.

But Santa, if you’re feeling particularly generous this year, Yanicke would adore her last two Christmas wishes combined all into one – tickets for all the Print Posse gals 🙂

yan2_red_santa_hat (3)

Santa Yanicke


We hope you have safe travels on December 24th.  Remember to deliver plenty of books to all the little girls and boys.

Yours in wonder,

Gabbie, Fiona & Yanicke aka The Print Posse

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