Happy New Everything!

Oh. Em. Gee.  I abso love love LURV New Year Resolutions.

I’m also a big fan of the Vision Board, BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and focus words (last year’s were WRITER and AUTHENTIC).


As soon as the last fire cracker dissolves into the midnight sky, I start resolving and it’s not a fast process.  I pretty much spend most of January reflecting on the year that was, what worked, what didn’t, reviewing the resolutions I made and thinking about things I’d like to blossom in the year ahead.  Finally, I sit down with some good music and a cuppa.  I give thanks for everything gained the previous year.  Then I get busy creating pages of goals, dreams and hopes for each facet of my life: writing, family, friendships, health, finance and work.


The front of my 2015 Book of Resolutions. I never did get around to colouring it in.

Then I create a super cool vision board as a visual summary that hangs beside my bed.


My 2015 Vision Board

Now before you get all judgey on me and start making assumptions, let me tell you this.  Last year, I resolved to start writing as a journalist and earn money from my writing.  I even created a new folder on my computer and called it MBFC which stood for My Brilliant Freelance Career.

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 11.54.57 AM

I love that I have a folder called Lost Tooth!  But also – look at that MBFC folder.  Pretty awesome!

On my Vision Board I stuck the fine print of contributors names and a few magazine covers with dollar signs all around.


I resolved to name writing as my job whenever people asked me what I did.  Wishful thinking?  I had nine articles published last year and earned over three grand for my efforts.

Keeping things real – it’s fair to say that I can’t give up my day job (yet).  And a few things on my Vision Board remain… shall we say… visionary.  For example: I didn’t have a book published and reviewed by Jennifer Byrnes,


I’m ready when you are, Jen. 

I didn’t complete three manuscripts (but I did complete one)


I always make a mock-up cover of my work-in-progress.  Right now Downhill is in the hands of two publishers… fingers crossed.

and I don’t have rock hard abdominals (in fact the only part of me that is rock hard is my leg when it gets a cramp).


This is not me.

That aside, I just think that it can’t hurt to put your dreams, hopes and ambitions ‘out there’ for the Universe to receive and act upon.  I also find that it helps me make decisions about how I use my time, opportunities I choose to follow and how I relate to others.

Charmian Clift – who was an Australian novelist and journalist during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s (and I’m writing an article about her for a magazine – SNAP!) described the New Year turning as a ‘recurring seasonal moral audit’ with the ‘sort of palpable aura of splendid intention’ (‘Resolutions’ from Trouble in Lotus Land).  I love the description of both the moral audit and the splendid intention as it captures precisely how I feel.  For me, the New Year isn’t just about goals but about shaping my life and thinking about the person I am and the person I am becoming.

So without further ado, I give you my Writing Resolutions for 2016.

  1. Meet The Print Posse in person (can you believe our friendship has only been virtual up to this point?) and squeeze ’em so tight they yelp (hopefully at the Byron Bay Writers’ Fest)
  2. Continue writing for magazines and seek out other magazines I can contribute to
  3. Contribute something to Kill Your Darlings.  Incidentally – KYD has an awesome New Year’s offer at the mo.  If you subscribe before Feb 15, you can also have a 2000 word manuscript assessment.  So for all those folks out there saying “I’ve written something…” get onto this deal and have the clever folk at KYD provide you with the feedback you are longing for.
  4. Breathe life into my website and blogs that are laying dormant (but still worth a peek – gjstroud.com)
  5. Establish a new blog on my website providing ‘teacher advice and info’ for parents of Primary School aged children
  6. Finish my new WIP Mummy’s Just Losing Her Mind

I’m already thinking about the mock-up cover, even though the story isn’t finished!

There’s more… there’s bound to be more… I mean it’s only the 12th of January – I’m still at the reflective stage.  But for now this is a good start.  Now – don’t be shy, get into that Comments Box and share your aspirations for 2016.

You know you want to.



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