Love is in the air…

From The Print Posse… with love ❤

 Ah, February, the month of love…

In the spirit of all things romance, The Print Posse are dedicating their February posts to the language of love… or rather the language of love scenes 😉

To get you in the mood, Gabbie has offered to share a snippet from her junior fiction novel that she wrote in 2005.

(Disclaimer from Gabbie:  This is Morris Grin – Lord of the Bling.  It’s still unpublished.  One day I may drag it from the bottom drawer and see what can be done with it.  For now, here’s the protagonist – Morris Grin – experiencing his first kiss!)

I walked slowly across the playground, imagining Riley and Emily pashing like a pair of suckerfish stuck together. I had to admit I was jealous. All this business with the ring had kind of ruined whatever chance I might have had with the girls in my class. I hardly imagined any of them would want to be seen with Gruesome Grin, Mr Bone Head himself. I took a moment to feel sorry for myself.  

I kicked at a rock and imagined how disappointed Dad and Stew would be when I told them that I hadn’t been able to get rid of the ring. What if Riley was right for once, what if Bela had left town and I’d missed the opportunity to give her the ring? I kicked at the rock again and it skittered in a curve which I followed, determined to kick it all the way home.

“Got something for me?”

And there she was. Right in the middle of the playground. The exact place we had stood weeks ago. She was wearing jeans and a white shirt and her red hair was hanging down around her shoulders. She was grinning and her eyes were sparkling at me.

A silence settled around us and I could sense that every blade of grass, every tree, every piece of dirt and every tiny twig were poised and waiting for what was to come next. I put down my bag and reached inside.

Holding the package out between us, I watched her face for any kind of reaction. She didn’t budge, didn’t lunge for the box, didn’t say anything. She just looked at me. Her green eyes were drilling into me. She was looking beyond me and I knew she was peeking into my soul. Now there would be no denying it, she would know my heart was hers.

And then it happened. She leaned toward me and a crazy thought flicked on in my mind – she even has freckles on her lips!  She kissed me.  A strange feeling shuddered through my body. I thought I might pass out. 

The box dropped from my hands and it seemed as though every tree and rock and scrap of dirt that had been so silent up until this moment were now forming an orchestra, celebrating with magical sounds this special event. I never wanted it to end. It was such a great feeling. I wanted her to kiss me forever and ever, right here on the playground.

Then it was over. She drew back and we both looked down at the little brown box waiting patiently at our feet.


Love is a good book…


Feeling romantically inspired? Why not try a blind date with a romance writing competition? Fiona discovered some upcoming writing comps that may help you get your manuscript in the mood for some publishing love:

Romance Writers of Australia

First Kiss 2016

An opportunity to showcase that romantic tension. Enter a 1500-word scene involving your protagonists’ first kiss, plus a half-page set-up.

Opens: 29 January 2016
Closes: Midnight Sydney time, 14 February 2016


Central Ohio Fiction Writers (A chapter of Romance Writers America)

2016 Ignite the Flame Contest

COFW will begin accepting entries on June 1, 2016.  All entries must be received by June 30, 2016.

The Ignite the Flame Contest is designed to help you polish that critical first meet scene so that it crackles with romantic energy.


The Utah Chapter of Romance Writers of America®

2016 Great Beginnings Contest

Enter the opening five (5) pages of romance novels of all sub-genres.


Pitch to Publication 2016 (#p2p16)

Authors will submit a query and 5 pages of their draft (completed) manuscript to one of fifteen, highly sought-after freelance editors. Each editor will select one (and sometimes two!) authors to work with for a month of intensive manuscript development. The editor will help prepare you and your work for our agent round in the middle of April!


Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest

The Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest will begin accepting entries on January 1, 2016. All entries must be received by February 14, 2016

Submit the first 5000 words (3000 words for the Novella category) of an unpublished work of fiction.


Love is only one click away…


Next week, Yanicke will be offering some tips on writing the perfect love scene. Until then, she’d like to share with you a poem she penned all the way back in 2003…


…my obsession

A secret place…
No one shares…
There…in your arms…

Sometimes you don’t let me in…
The door locked…
Patience…the only key…

But I know…
That secret place is for me alone…

You cannot know how you make me feel…
For if you did…surely you would welcome me…every moment…
Oh…the yearning I endure…

* yanicke, april 2003 *

The language of love…

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