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The 3 Sentence Challenge

the 3 sentence challenge


A while ago, the lovely Karen challenged Gabbie, Fiona and Yanicke to a fun challenge – post 3 sentences from the first 3 chapters of a work in progress. In this week’s post we are answering the challenge…


The MS I will be selecting sentences from is my historical paranormal YA novel, The Mark of the Cagairáin.

Ch 1: The lilt of fiddle music drifted on the night air, coiling around the tree trunks and tangling in their leaves. Aiden drew one hand through his hair, and with the fingers of his other, fiddled with the dirk on his belt. Mmm, those hands… I still couldn’t get over those hands.

Ch 2: I set my hands on my hips and hazarded a glance Breanna’s way. She was ogling me with the same look one would usually reserve for an insolent child who, against all evidence to the contrary, adamantly insists faeries are responsible for breaking the lamp. “Just because I want to do something, doesn’t mean I should do it.”

Ch 3: For a moment I couldn’t breathe; it was like she had punched me in the stomach and all the air had been forced from my lungs. I swallowed and glanced up at the sky; a flock of birds was spiraling high above us, a tornado of shiny black bodies and flapping wings. As though sensing my eyes on them, they broke their circle, shooting westward across the sky in pursuit of the sun on her ascent.

3 candles



The sentences I’m sharing are from my NA contemporary romance, Life Without Clouds.

Ch 1 I drew seven lines through the sentence I had written, closed my eyes and imagined I was Winston Churchill. What would Winston do? Okay, Churchill was unlikely to have found himself in a red skirt, selling movie tickets and discretely working on a school assignment, but he was good at dealing with plans that go awry.

 Ch 2 “I can’t believe you triggered the alarm. Again!” Vivienne chuckled as she twisted her shoulder length blond hair into a messy bun.

Ch 3 It was just before midnight when we checked our jackets in at the cloak room at our favourite club, Deluxe. It was on the second floor of an old hotel called The Imperial and one of the few venues playing a great mix of alternative pop and indie dance music. The layout was pretty standard: dark corners you could people-watch from, a dance floor swirling in fake smoke under a sea of disco balls and flashing coloured lights, and big comfy couches along the walls that were extremely hard to sit in elegantly whilst wearing a short skirt.

3 butterflies



From my YA fiction called Downhill

Chapter 1

I could see Pop heading out from the shed. He was almost bald with this grey stringy hair circling around the bottom of his scalp like an old halo that’d fallen down. He was wearing his trademark King Gee overalls with a long sleeve check shirt underneath.

Chapter 2

This was the year that was going to be different. In the next few weeks I could have a crack at water skiing and for the first time ever I could get a suntan that wasn’t just panda eyes and red cheeks. I tried to feel excited about it, but all I could do was remember the knot of adrenaline that would curl up in my guts around this time of year – the anticipation of travel, competing, big snow and jagged mountains.

Chapter 3


The ball landed, dusting up a patch of dirt and rolling to rest against the fence. I was puffing as I ran to get it, but the endorphins wouldn’t come.

3 roses


So, there you have it – The Print Posse’s answers to the 3 sentence challenge.

We now pass the challenge on to you, our esteemed readers, to post something from your latest WIP in the comments below… WE DARE YA!

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The Print Posse Play “Terrible Titles”

Terrible TitlesFirst of all we just want to say hooray! The Print Posse blog has reached its first milestone – one whole month of posts posted! *cue round of applause*

Second of all, it just so happens that our first month has not four but five Sundays – so lucky you, our esteemed readers, get an extra helping of The Print Posse absolutely free 🙂

For this grand event, we thought we might try something different. The lovely Gabbie recently happened across a blog hopping game called “Terrible Titles” where a writer creates a list of titles from their work in progress by scrolling randomly through their manuscript and picking out the sentences/ phrases their cursor lands upon. (Here’s where Gabbie first found the idea!)

We’ve each had a go – below are our equally spectacular and cringe worthy results. As an added bonus, we’ve included a short description of our current WIPs for your reading pleasure.

Let the laughter and jibing begin… 😀


Fiona’s Terrible Titles

Creepy Yellow Eyes

Best Path of Exit

Limit Exposure

A Great Kiss

Simultaneous Sighs

A Slide-show of Freaky Faces

When the gates between the worlds opened, the first nine demons – the Oni – came forth. They became the heads of the violent underworld, the seething underbelly of towns and cities, the darkest parts of humanity. The presence of the Oni and the depth of their evil skewed the balance between light and dark.

Nature fought back. Surviving women discarded by the Nine gave birth to children. The offspring of the Oni were human but possessed the ability to see Oni for what they were – demons in human disguise. Those gifted with the sight of demons, banded together to fight the Oni and stop their quest for chaos. These fighters became the Kakurenbo.

For Leighton, turning sixteen was worse than she expected. First of all, she found herself in the middle of a murder mystery. Someone killed the star quarterback and decided to frame her for it. Then she discovered that she is Kakurenbo – a hunter whose job it is to control the damage inflicted by the Oni and the lesser demons – the Yokai. Most frustrating of all is that she must do this without any superpowers or cool healing abilities. How is she supposed to solve a murder, hunt demons and not flunk out of school when, to everyone else, the Oni and Yokai look like ordinary, powerless humans?

Karen’s Terrible Titles

I’m going to take him down

Put out her light

Hard Evidence

Keep her safe

Irrefutable Proof

Something evil lurks in Sage Matthew’s home town of Cryton, South Australia. Upon returning for her Nan’s funeral, Sage makes a disturbing discovery, but nothing could have prepared her for the secrets that begin to unravel.

At first, she dismisses each strange occurrence as a by-product of her overwrought emotional state, until it becomes chillingly clear that something not of this world is desperate to get a message – or is it a warning? – through to her…

Detective Sergeant Adrian Blade comes to Cryton to catch a serial killer.  Three unsolved murders are tarnishing his stellar career.  Aside from his inconvenient attraction to the victim’s beautiful granddaughter, he knows there is more to Sage than meets the eye.  Something about her calls to him on an instinctual level, drawing him in an almost otherworldly way.  There’s only one problem: Adrian doesn’t believe in anything he cannot see and touch with his own hands.

However, Adrian can’t deny that something dark and sinister is in town. But what? He has to find out soon, because the nights Sage is spends searching for evidence with a movie-star handsome paranormal investigator are driving Adrian to distraction.

But can Adrian let go of everything he ever believed in to save Sage from an evil he cannot even conceive of?

Yanicke’s Terrible Titles

How Long It Takes To Walk There

Scratching In the Wall

Long Strands of Light Brown Hair

Where Was I?

Banishing the Shadows to the Crevices of My Bookshelves

Astrid never knew she was a changeling, not until a stranger with her face lunged through the mirror and tried to kill her.

Now with the help of her nightmare, Astrid must travel to the hidden world of Scandinavian folklore to find a cure for her ailing brother and face the mad queen obsessed with extinguishing her life.

Little does she know, the one person she trusts more than any other might not be so trustworthy after all.

Gabrielle’s Terrible Titles

It wasn’t a game that really mattered.

Beat them to a pulp.

“You’re blushing, brother.”

In epic quantities too.

If you want to feel a rush.

Mop is a professional Alpine skier and, at 19, he’s made the decision to retire. His best friend Bernard is winning championships and competing for gold. Mop’s been in his shadow long enough to feel a chill. Deep inside, he knows he’s never going to be a winner, but what’s he meant to do now? The familiar routine of training and travel no longer provide security and Mop realises he can’t even imagine his future without competitive skiing. As he fills his days on the family farm, Mop can feel himself sinking – dissolving into nothing like melting snow under Summer sun.  But his new buddy – Beans – has a way of helping Mop to dream.  He’s known disappointment too and he can see a future for Mop, but is Mop brave enough to take the chance?


Phew! There they are – our Terrible Titles gone public for all the world to see!  Don’t judge us.  Instead – have a play with your manuscript and share some of your Terrible Titles in the Comments below.  If you’re not a writer, open the book you’re reading to some random pages and share the first line that catches your eye.

We can’t wait to have you join in this crazy game!

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